Mission Statement & Additional Info

   American Window Cleaning, is a true Win-Win-Win window cleaning company. I do everything I can to make sure everyone involved comes out a winner.
You Win... I do everything I can to keep my costs down and provide customized window cleaning that suits your needs.
My Employees Win... I treat my employees fairly, making them happy to work for me.
I Win... I still have enough left over to pay my bills.

     I understand that most people don't need every window cleaned every time, and that there are usually a select few windows that really make a difference. 
     I will work with you to develop a plan to keep those windows clean year round at the cheapest possible price. I am able to do quality work at a lower rate because of the depth of my experience. I have been cleaning windows for 25 years. I have experience in all types of windows from store fronts, to residential, to 55 story buildings.
    Along the way I worked with some of the countries leading window cleaners, from whom I learned many tricks of the trade, allowing me to clean windows quickly and safely, enabling me to provide savings for my customers.


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